SilentSoul Teambuilding for corporates, clubs, kids or adult groups.

Any coach or parent knows that in order for a team to succeed (measured by satisfaction, fulfilment and skill learning), it is important to attain chemistry. Individuals need to learn how to play with each other, how to help each other, how to have fun together, and how to learn skills together. That is why team building activities is an important aspect for personal development.

To make this team build coaching game even more of a team building activity, in a SilentSoul experience there are no distractions, no cell phones and they cannot speak – thereby forcing them to strategize with body language, which likely increase the team chemistry that the game sets out to teach.

It’s important that they work together and get along with other players or members.
This is called teamwork. Teamwork involves working together with other people to get to an end goal, learn something along the way and have fun doing it.

  1. Sign Up for Organized Activities. …
  2. Embrace Group Socialization and Bonding. …
  3. Fill Screen Time with Positive Examples. …
  4. Teach to Encourage Others. …
  5. Promote Unity at Home. …
  6. Goals to Work Together.
  7. Have an uplifting personal experience
  8. Have fun, relax and feel inspired and focused.


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Team building Experiences

SilentSoul offers a unique dynamic, immersive, fun and engaging offering for setting the tone and creating a space for achieving optimal results at corporate team-builds or getaways.

Through our wireless silent headphone technology we combine life’s elixirs, music and nature to build connection, create harmony, motivation and synergy. Most importantly, the option of silent headphones create a unique, different and fun variation from run of the mill corporate team-build activities.

Our expertly designed wellness experiences serve as a source of inspiration for problem solving, give a sense of well-being, reduce stress, energise, motivate and unite teams through a shared stimulation of the senses.

We facilitate:

Yoga experience

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Dance and Silent disco experience

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Team building and life coaching experience

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