Team building Experiences

SilentSoul offers a unique dynamic, immersive, fun and engaging offering for setting the tone and creating a space for achieving optimal results at corporate team-builds or getaways.

Through our wireless silent headphone technology we combine life’s elixirs, music and nature to build connection, create harmony, motivation and synergy. Most importantly, the option of silent headphones create a unique, different and fun variation from run of the mill corporate team-build activities.

Our expertly designed wellness experiences serve as a source of inspiration for problem solving, give a sense of well-being, reduce stress, energise, motivate and unite teams through a shared stimulation of the senses.

We facilitate:

SoulYoga Flow

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SoulTrain Lite

Musically inspired outdoor group exercise session for all fitness levels and ability. Starting slow and relaxed with yoga flow stretches, moving into an upbeat, fun, light workout and closing with deep core breathing, yoga stretches and a relaxing meditation.

Activate your body, wake up your mind, raise your energy levels, smile and have fun.

Visualisation Meditation

Created to relax and restore your energy with visualisation to set your intention for the day ahead.

Messages from this experience will be based on the goals and expectations for the group dynamic, so that the values, belief systems and objectives are integrated into the days planning.

The session will leave the group energised, motivated, relaxed, bonded, focused and ready to face any challenges ahead.

Workshop sessions

How to be your own life coach

A life coaching experience, based on the principal of mindfulness.

This interactive team building experience, creates a fun and engaging platform to transport the group and the individual on an enjoyable journey of self-exploration.

In the process you’ll get to know yourself and each other better. You will be  inspired and leave with an overall sense of well-being equipped with practical tools to integrate into your daily life.

Customised and tailored packages

The above experiences are a guideline to what we offer. We pride ourselves on being innovative and flexible in our approach. Contact us and we will customise experiences and/or daily programs tailored to your group’s needs.